Saxbys Coffee

Saxbys opened their first neighborhood cafe in 2005. Their approach to hospitality, comfort, and coffee resonated with patrons instantly. But something was missing. In 2016, they decided a rebranding and makeover of their interior spaces was in order to move the Saxbys experience to the next level. After all, a great coffee shop is about so much more than coffee. With a focus on interior design, community engagement, and the comfort of meeting up with friends for coffee and snacks, the new Saxbys took flight. 

  • In 2017, we unveiled a new brand for Saxbys that was a complete re-imagining of who we are and what we represent. The Heads of State’s direction, guidance and honest feedback were vital to our success and for making our brand dynamic.
    Nick Bayer


The hot air balloon was a concept that was on the table from the start and all the key stakeholders were in agreement. We paired a whimsical illustration with a strong wordmark to create a sense of carefree joy underscored with confidence. The typeface Regina Black was created by our friends Charles & Thorn in Brooklyn, and we felt that it was both bold and luxurious, like a great cup of joe. The packaging and signage derived from this identity, letting the typography and iconography do the heavy lifting. 

The interiors of the cafes also needed to connect to the new brand. Through a series of triptych murals featuring local illustrators, each cafe could display a variety of energetic art in their spaces. Refreshing the panels over time continues the surprise and lightheartedness of the Saxbys experience.


Since the 2017 unveiling of the new Saxbys, 27 new cafes have opened. With a unique brand position and a focus on the many colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area, the Saxbys presence is widely felt throughout the city. The mural program continues to evolve along with the interior design needs of each location with a new trio of illustrators set to unveil installations throughout 2018. 

Project Components

  • Branding
  • Interior
  • Murals
  • Packaging
  • Signage