Kin Slips

In the ever-changing and highly competitive landscape of the cannabis industry, innovation is key to standing out. But with product innovation and brand awareness comes the greater challenge of making a genuine connection with your customer. How do you make something that appears complicated and intimidating feel simple and welcoming?

  • Cannabis design is a constantly moving target. As soon as you have a solution in hand the rules change. The Heads of State have been an incredible asset. Knowing that we have a team at our disposal who can execute beautifully no matter the criteria allows us to face this ever-evolving industry with supreme confidence.
    Josh Kirby


Kin slips are a cannabis-infused strip that dissolves under the tongue. Think breath-strip but without the minty fresh feeling. The cannabis industry is in a constant state of flux, especially in California. Laws change on a monthly basis and new brands are coming to market weekly. In a market full of gimmicky ideas and flashy brands, Kin slips wanted to play to its strengths: discreet, precise, and natural. The individual doses are small enough to keep in your wallet, with consistent results that keep you steady and present and ingredients that emphasize the natural benefits of sativa and indica blends. With the familiar landscape of the homeopathic remedies and natural foods as a starting point, we sought to build a brand that would feel like an extension of that culture.

The botanical concept helped bridge the gap between dispensary and health food store. Custom commissioned illustrations and high-end letterpress printing on soft double-ply paper created a brand foundation based on a tactile experience. The boxes get a custom sticker system for brand differentiation. This all added up to a sense of craft and luxury without feeling expensive and avoided the flashy trends dominating shelves.


In early 2017, Kin slips hit the shelves in California racking up industry awards and cultivating a loyal customer base. In 2018 cannabis became legal in California and with that shift, Kin slips has found continued success and growth in the market. They’ve grown into a larger production facility and they’re continuing to add new products. Green Entrepreneur placed Kin slips on its 100 Industry Leaders list for innovative packaging. We continue to look for ways we can partner with Kin slips and innovate in this market as it continues to grow.


Project Components

  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • System Design